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A Guide to Growing your Own Mushrooms with one of our Amazing Grow Kits

In your box you will find a bag of colonised substrate which was lovingly prepared for you in our farm in Somerset, these instructions, and a mister. The white stuff in the bag is mycelium. Mycelium produces mushrooms (the fruiting body) at the end of its life cycle, when conditions are right.


How to use your grow kit:


  1. Remove the contents of the box and carefully remove the perforated window. You will probably need a sharp knife to cut along the perforations.

  2. Put the bag back in the box, close the top, and then cut a cross (about 5 cm x 5 cm) in the bag where it shows through the opened window. Your mushrooms will start growing from where the bag has been cut.

  3. Put your box on a surface (e.g. bookshelf or work surface) in a lit room, but avoiding very bright, direct sunlight.

  4. After a while (between a few days to a couple of weeks) you will see your mushrooms starting to 'pin'. When you see this, using the supplied bottle filled with tap water, start misting them lightly 2 or 3 times a day.

  5. Growing times can vary between kits and different species, but we guarantee every kit.


Our  Grow Kits will grow in most indoor settings.  They don't like extremes of temperatures and can, if in an air-conditioned environment or a breeze, dry out.  Different colours/strains do best at slightly different temperature ranges:

- Pink  do best between 21 and 35 degrees C

- Blue  do best between 15 and 24 degrees C

- Yellow do best between 20 and 29 degrees C

- Lions Mane do best between 18 and 35 degrees C

Check out the YouTube tutorials below for a full demonstration of how to start off your kit, and how to harvest the mushrooms when they are ready

Video Tutorials

Here are a couple of YouTube videos to help you get the most out of your Fruit Bodhi Mushroom experience

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