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Meet the Fruit Bodhi Family

Yes, we are a literal family. The team consists of me (Tom), my wife, my mum, my dad, my sister, a couple of very close friends and of course my two children Ophelia and Otis. Our ethos is built on family values and connecting with what is essential in life. This includes family relationships but also our relationship with nature and particularly the fungal kingdom.


What We Do

As a team, we specialise in growing mushrooms. We love growing mushrooms so much that we decided to produce a mushroom growing kit for the likes of yourself to try at home. We are also a bit nerdy when it comes to mycology so a lot of time is spent experimenting in our mushroom laboratory. If you are also a fan of mushrooms then I am sure you will love our mushroom extracts.  

During the week we are busy perfecting your kits, brewing extracts and playing around with new strains. At the weekend we can be found out local markets/festivals and fairs. Check out our blogs, Instagram & newsletters to keep up to date with what we are up to, new products and important dates

Our Story 

A lot of people ask us how Fruit Bodhi started. The idea came to us one day when we were thinking of a way to fulfil our love for mushrooms on a daily basis. Tom had spent many years walking in Dumfries and Galloway observing fungi in the wild, and for many years he had his head stuck in mycology books, mostly his hero's: Paul Stamets. We thought of  Fruit Bodhi as a way of inspiring new ways of seeing the hidden world of fungi and bringing that world closer to people. Just like Stamets and other mycology legends did for Tom! We hope to carry on meeting mushroom lovers along our journey and inspire others to dive into their dreams of growing mushrooms or engaging with mushrooms in some way. We think they’re really important in shaping the future of the world we live in. If we can kick-start your journey or answer some questions you’ve got about mushrooms don’t hesitate to reach out! Thanks for supporting us on our journey as always and happy growing/being mushrooms!

Meet The Team

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