Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


This is a live product, please USE WITHIN 1 WEEK OF PRODUCT ARRIVING 


Grow your own Oyster Mushrooms with this Oyster Mushroom growing kit.

CHECK OUT OUR GROW KIT TUTORIAL VIDEO AT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVaxcoCPIwY&t=8s

We are a local, Somerset based farm growing and nurturing mushrooms from spore to fork in an eco-friendly, sustainable and organic manner.

We grow and sell Oyster Mushroom Grow Kits and Oyster Mushroom Seasoning online and a variety of Fresh and Dried Gourmet Mushrooms sold locally.

Our Grow Kits are a great product for all ages to get their green fingers on! By following 4 simple steps, you can grow your very own delicious gourmet mushrooms in the comfort of your own kitchen. This is a great gift idea for friends and family or equally a spoiling treat for yourself. We love what we do so much, we thought we'd let you have a go too!

Check out our website for more information and recipe ideas at www.fruitbodhi.co.uk

Ethical, Local, Sustainable, Vegan... And let's face it, you can't get much more local than your own kitchen windowsill.


- We can guarantee at least 1 crop of oyster mushrooms from your kit (maybe even 2 or 3)
- In the unlikely event that your kit does not produce a harvest, drop us an email with a photo and we will send you a new kit