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Blend 5 Mushroom Extract

Contains dried Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Reshi and Chaga mushrooms.


So you can make our Blend part of your long term wellness programme, we offer repeat orders.  Sign up for the Super Boost and get an extract every 4 weeks - with 15% off the normal price.  With the Premium plan you will get an extract every 6 weeks with a 10% saving.  With the Standard plan we will send you an extraxt every 8 weeks with 5% off. 

Blend 5 Mushroom Extract

Price Options
One-time purchase
Blend Super Boost
Subscribe & Save 15%
£25.50every 4 weeks until canceled
Premium Blend Plan
Subscribe & Save 10%
£27.00every 6 weeks until canceled
Standard Blend Plan
Subscribe & Save 5%
£28.50every 8 weeks until canceled
  • We all know mushrooms are good for us. Do some research online and let us know which extraxt you think is best for you.

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