- A Guide to Growing your own Mushrooms - 

In your box, you will find a bag of colonised substrate which we have carefully prepared for you at our farm in Somerset, an instruction leaflet and a mini mister.  The white stuff you see in the bag is mycelium. Mycelium produces mushrooms (the fruiting body) at the end of its life cycle when the conditions are right. 


1. Remove the contents of the grow kit - the instruction leaflet, the mini mister and the pre-made substrate bag

2. Carefully remove the perforated window, using a sharp knife to cut along the perforated lines

3. Put the bag back in the box and close the lid

4. Through the window, cut a cross in the bag

- With scissors or a sharp knife cut a cross (approx. 5 cm by 5 cm) in the middle of your window

- This will be where the mushrooms start pinning and fruiting from

5. Place your kit on a windowsill or kitchen work-top but NOT in direct sunlight 

6. Mist with water daily 

-Using your mini mister, spray the cut-out area with water at least twice a day

- This is very important, you don't want them drying out.

7. Watch them grow!