- Grow Kit FAQs -

1. Do I have to open the window and cut bag straight away?


As this is a living product, please use within 1 week of purchase 

2. When can I expect my mushrooms to start pinning/fruiting?


Your mushrooms will start pinning/fruiting anywhere between 1 week and 1 month 

3. Are the exact timings guaranteed?


No, unfortunately not. This is a live product controlled by Mother Nature; you may need to be a bit patient with your kit. However, if you follow the instructions you will not be disappointed 

7. What temperature should I keep my kit at?


This varies between kits, blue oyster mushrooms prefer cooler temperatures and yellows do well at room temperature. Make sure you keep out of direct sunlight and away from radiators and ovens. You will receive information on your specific kits colour and  preferences when it arrives in the post

5. My kit hasn’t produced a harvest, can I be sent a free replacement?

Yes, in the unlikely event that your kit does not produce a harvest within 1 month of removing the window and cutting the bag,  please drop us an email with a photograph and we will send you a free replacement

6. Can I over water my mushrooms?


No, not if you use your mini mister provided, rather than the garden hose! It is better to over water, than under water! 

4. When are my mushrooms ready to harvest?


Please check out our ‘Goldilocks Guide to Harvesting’ on the website 

8. How many crops can I expect to harvest?

At least one. If you continue looking after your box for another couple of weeks you may get a 2nd or even 3rd harvest

9. What can I use my mushrooms for? 

Lots! Please check out our recipe page on the website 

10. What shall I do with my kit once it's all finished?

The boxes are 100% recyclable, the mini mister can be re-used and the finished substrate is compostable!