-How to Harvest your Mushrooms -

Use this guide to help you know when the best time to harvest your mushrooms:

The best time to harvest your mushrooms are just when the caps begin to open up, but before they become too flat. To harvest your mushrooms put your hand around the base of the mushrooms and twist gently, or use a knife. Wath the following video to guide you on how best to harvest your mushrooms:

-When to Harvest your Mushrooms -

Too soon!

The caps will be still quite small and closed 

Just right!

Too late!

The caps will flatten (blue) or curl up (yellow), discolour and split at the edges.


Please note that all kits vary in appearance so only use this as a guide. This is a blue oyster mushroom grow kit, which differs from the yellow grow kits. If in doubt leave them an extra day, they'll always taste delicious (you can't really go wrong). Alternatively, you can drop us a message and we can always help you out!