- About Us  -


Fruit Bodhi Organics is a local, Somerset based farm growing and nurturing mushrooms from spore to fork in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.  


We are a loving family-run business, who believe in family values, making the mushrooms that reach your plate all the more special.

Tom set up Fruit Bodhi Organics after discovering a keen interest in mushrooms. It is the crucial role that the fungal kingdom play in eco-systems which Tom finds fascinating, and which has prompted him to widen his mycology knowledge further. There isn’t a mushroom related book which Tom hasn’t turned the pages of, or a wild mushroom in the local forests which Tom hasn’t foraged for. Tom loves the earth and makes sure that his approach to the business is eco-friendly and kind to the planet.

His mum, Winky, got involved after being inspired by Tom's passion. She mainly takes care of the backroom business. This includes sales, packaging and lending a hand wherever Tom needs it, from assisting him at the Farmer's Market to making cups of tea!

Passion, love, and a lot of hard work are the heart and soul of Fruit Bodhi Organics, so we hope you love our mushrooms as much as we do. 

The Fruit Bodhi team xxxx